Sandwiches, Hot Handhelds & Wraps
Sandwiches, Hot Handhelds and Wraps are available in a variety of carriers, doughs, shapes, fillings, serving sizes and are fully customizable. Carrier options include but are not limited to artisan rolls, ciabattas, pretzels, paninis, flat breads, bagels, croissants, English muffins, biscuits, tortillas, pizza dough, pie crust dough, puff pastry, etc.  Products are available in retail or foodservice packaging.

Ciabatta Sandwich - Egg, Veg & Cheese

Flatbread Sandwich - Egg, Veg & Cheese

French Toast Sandwich - Egg, Sausage & Cheese

Biscuit Sandwich - Egg, Bacon & Cheese

Ham & Cheese Crossiant

AM Pastry - Egg, Bacon, Peppers & Cheese

Flatbread Sandwich - Chicken, Roasted Veg & Pesto

Pretzel Sandwich - Egg White & Cheese

SW Chicken Grilled Wrap

Chicken Pot Pie Turn Over

Chicken Pot Pie Purse

PM Pastry - Caprese: Tomato, Cheese, Spinach & Basil

Calzone - Pepperoni & Cheese

Stromboli - Sausage & Cheese

Pretzel Dog